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Gameloft's: Order and Chaos. OneThumbMobile's:Celtic Heroes

Hello all, Just a few quick suggestions to OTM, hope admin can read and tell them this. Order and Chaos online made by Gameloft has without a doubt the best animation and features a mobile MMO could have, problem is, it just dose not have a MMO feeling to it i got uninterested fast and deleted the app within a week. Game play was boring and so were the quest, but i did love all of the neat features and animations Gameloft had put into the game. I discovered Celtic Heroes at one point in the appstore, at first glance at the game i thought it would be another horrible MMO like Seven Swords. I was completely wrong i immediately got hooked to the game and couldn't put the game down i loved the game-play, the controls, and the overall feeling to the game. What i do think is OTM could learn something from Gamelofts DEVELOPING skills. Even with this new update that is soon to be released i'm 75% sure the animation wont be as advanced as Gameloft's OaC im not saying OTM should rip off Gamelofts game, im just trying to imply that they could use some of the features they use to make CH an even better game. I know maybe not everyone may agree with my opinion, but i still think i should make this post and see what the admin thinks.
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Re: Gameloft's: Order and Chaos. OneThumbMobile's:Cletic Her

admin wrote:Hey thanks for posting - in the update we have really improved the animation system (even small details like the strings in the bows are now fully animated).

I'll leave it to you to decide what you think when you see it, but personally I am extremely happy with it now :)

Now i just Cant wait!!! :)

(even without a good animation system i would have played this game.)

A PVP area would make the game SOOO much Better.
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Re: Gameloft's: Order and Chaos. OneThumbMobile's:Cletic Her

Order and Chaos was supposed to be World of Warcraft for iDevices, a lofty goal that has fallen inredibly short. I consider Celtic Heroes to be more along the lines of Everquest 2 in terms of overall feel. This is really a good thing considering that many consider Everquest a true MMORPG, while WoW (after the first expansion) became more of an arcade style Mmorpg.
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Re: Gameloft's: Order and Chaos. OneThumbMobile's:Cletic Her

No, if they improved the graphics then all the 2G iPod owners an below would be left behind, and to the admin, I'm sure the new animation is great! But what I mean is what about the opponents. The wolfs should open and snap their jaws closed for a more realistic feeling to the game. Will you be adding anything like this?
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Re: Gameloft's: Order and Chaos. OneThumbMobile's:Cletic Her

I prefer gameplay over graphics. I do this CH needs some graphic updates but not in lieu of gameplay, like quests, game length. I would rather play for weeks with lower quality graphics than have great graphics but complete the game in like 1-2 days. I do agree that the animation could be better but admin already posted that this will be coming with the update.
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Re: Gameloft's: Order and Chaos. OneThumbMobile's:Cletic Her

I also prefer gameplay an also content over graphics that will come with prob every update the graphics will grow for those who like eye candy i played order an chaos an since I been playin well Im lettin my subscription run out yes o/c got graphics an eye candy but content nope what a level 60 dungeon now how long did that take an the items an armor well u had to pay cash for it game loft is like cash loft where as this game is real an feels real
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Re: Gameloft's: Order and Chaos. OneThumbMobile's:Cletic Her

I have played Order And Chaos, and it is fun but easy to complete and when you do complete it well might aswell delete the game,
CH however offers a range of things eg. teamwork and class builds.
Animation would be a BIG improvement but i dont mind the graphics now but i know the dev team will aspire to better grapchics, they have never let us down.
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