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Game Ruiner Admins read!

Hello I'm bandit and i don't play this game that much anymore because of the update. (first update) The game sucks now cause of the new way that each item can only be warn bye a pasific type of class, 90% of the gammers before the first update left. And more and more r starting to get bored and will still be even more in the next update cause more irked they can't where! It's like they have a lvl9 rouge and a lvl56 warrior and in the next update there comes a new somthing for only Druid that cost 1,000,000$ and it will take for ever to get that much $! So they can't where it and other stuff so it get boring to them and they leave! I'm really mad my friends stoped playing this game cause of it! So I bet u that if u let any class where anything they want, it would get 1,000-100,000+ people downloading this app and I'm sure everyone agrees! I'm also mad about this class thing, yea I know I've talked to Richard in gameplay in beta, and so have about 15 more people have. He's a cool guy, but he fail with making the wrong turn with the whole must be certain class thing. An I KNOW that all players want to wear something that is not the class type and don't feel like making a new class and building the str. 150+! Don't comment "oh the new update is coming and alot of new items!" that just makes more chance of quiting the game! Don't u admins see that? U admins have been losing more people then ur receiving. Warrior can only were a ____ and there no good tanks and everyone wants to tank! Several fights have been caused by the class things that you wouldn't notice.I have many more reasons for this but Im not typing so much to bored u. So I suggest that u change it back to how it use to be! Not trying to be mean but I hate it like that and 95% do to. But they don't now that. SO PlEASE CHANGE IT BACK TO "NO CLASS PASIFIC ITMES! It will gain alot more people. And don't comment "well the next update has new items :)!" I don't care! Just change it back to anyone can were it! I'm trying to help u out!!!!!!!
As u can see I'm mad and yea I am! just change it back before this ends up like so game that lasted a year and then failed. U guys need to slow down before u have nothing else to update! So change it back please to anyclass can were it!
-Bandit. No rude comments!
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Re: Game Ruiner Admins read!

I too will refrain from posting negative feedback... :|

All that I will say bandit is that you shouldn't criticize the new items/gear yet since you haven't seen an of it yet. The high level druid armour could be awesome! Rogues could be able to get gear that helps them dodge most attacks! Mages may get wands that can zap baddies back to the stone age! Who knows? I certainly don't.

I do see your point a bit (although you may be taking it a bit too far), noone likes having things taken away. My main char is a mage with pre-update plate, and if they had changed my gear so I couldn't use it, I would be a bit miffed (and prob not level 59 either). Personally, I think that people take this whole 'Rogues should only wear leather, and mages should only wear silk' business a bit too far... As long as you meet the stat requirements and are willing to accept the penalties associated with wearing heavy armor, then I don't have a problem with it.

That being said,it isn't me that you have to convince... many folks around here do seem to care greatly about this issue and don't share your views.

I am thinking that you will just have to be patient and calm in order to figure out a build that works for you, or else, jump ship like your friends...

Re: Game Ruiner Admins read!

Scrambles wrote:I don't mind the items being class specific. It makes each class more balanced and defined.

Exactly. Games where every class can wear every armor and use every weapon certainly create a lot of flexibility in terms of play style, but it ultimately takes away the usefulness of each individual class. Why have a rogue tank and a warrior healer when your priest/druid can do it all?
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Re: Game Ruiner Admins read!

Bandit wrote:Shag -:) the pre-updated plate armor will be turned into warrior class only in the next update :) sorry

Admin confirmed that pre-updated plate armor will be considered a rare item after the update. It will more then likely recieve a purple name and be our first discontinued item, and this is coming from a PM with an admin.

As to your OP: I respect your opinion and your views. With that being said, I personally disagree with your assumptions. Most people I know didn't quit because of class restrictions. If I was playing an MMO with a mage who could wear redclaw warrior armour and wield a rogue dagger I would consider quiting myself. I saw the game as being a beta stage before the update because this was the first time it hit the public. Now that changes have been made they won't go back and fix any, and with good reason. All the changes are for the benefit of the MMO community as a whole and that doesn't mean it will please everyone.

Re: Game Ruiner Admins read!

The only way u can let any class wear anything thet want is to add a lot more to the game. The only way it is fair for a magic class to wear plate is to up fumble for being over weight. You also have to program weight by strength then. You think people don't like how it is now, just see how made a rogue gets when he finds out his hide and sneak attack fail every time because the armor he spent all his money on is to heavy and making him to loud or failing his hide and sneak attack roles.

They addims are doing good job trying to make this a social game a MMO.

The only way u can let anyone wear almost anything is have weight basses off strength. Hire that stat is the more u can have on you. Atleast that way if a Mage wants to waist things like stat points to wear plate he can, but there only hurting themselves when it comes to things they really need like mana.

But either way u do it, the top armor should be class only and make it a challenge to get.

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