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xD ok Shaggadelic, but you didn't have it right the first time either. And 'but' doesn't fit in because it is stating that it's an exception to the "your half right", "it's the other way around" is verifying why the person was half right. The correct way would have probably been to changing the 'but' to 'for'. The part that I was referring Ireland as a language went over my head. Probably changing it to "Ireland, which is why my English is bad." would work along with a number of other ways.
Sorry to Paddy.
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...although I am willing to entertain the possibility that your novel spellings are a form of phonetic, regional dialect, I am quite sure that when it is written some punctuation is used...

I pretty much died when I read that.
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Well, I certainly hope no one is getting humiliated... I am just trying to inject a little levity here. I hope we are all big boys and girls here who can take a joke... I realize that ppl here are from different areas and from different age brackets - and despite my efforts to help Paddy with his writing, I don't expect writing perfection from him or anybody else around the forum.

Big words are great rogue, take note of them and build your vocabulary now to get a head start on your peers.

Getting back to the topic, I am sorry Paddy, I guess I just don't understand the problem you are having... if you want to try explain again, I am willing to give it one last shot... perhaps if you break down exactly what happens into numbered steps, your meaning will become clear!

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Dear Grammar Geeks,

I am afraid you both missed an important lesson in grammatical learning school of high intelligence. This point being that you NEVER start a sentence with the word "and" unless you are writing Harry Potter, or some other equally epic book (or series) which removes any need to care for grammatical correctness.

Here is a possible rendition (hopefully more correct than you all):

Shaggedalic you are half right in that it is the other way around (backwards correctness you might say, which in PaddyWs world is the same as half right). I am from Ireland and speak the Irish tongue (which in my opinion is the proper language to speak). Such is my explanation for having poor English (not to mention my overall laziness, which has quite obviously proliferated my life so much.. It's not even worth speaking of).


Bob, your ever loving and caring friend.

P.S. Much love from grandma xoxo

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