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Re: Should we increase the green dragon spawn rates?

Caliban wrote:116. Got my first disc today. The are going to be more plentiful and this will not be an issue.

Amen but yer talking about Dragon Discs, and they are talking about Green Dragon Armor drops you senile-nooblet :twisted:

It makes sense that if no spawn is up for hours it should be checked out...I fully support that...I would simply have the dev's recheck out the spawn times and give us some ballpark idea of those spawn times.. Don't need the exact time to the minute, but is the spawn like 4+ hours? Sometimes it seems so.

I think that everyone is forgetting that this is an event that will last at LEAST 5 weeks, more likely 8 weeks. Everytime Admin says: "The Plan is..." add like 4 weeks to his timeline. Not a crack on Admin, just the truth. So yer gonna have Green Dragons in Lirs for the next 2 months most likely...until Update 4 is what Admin said. The panic about dragons should slow down a bit.
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Re: Should we increase the green dragon spawn rates?

Been camping the level 140 dragon for about 4 hours now, still no sign of em...
Admin, if you're not going to improve the spawn rate, can you at least tell us what exactly the spawn time is for each dragon?
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Re: Should we increase the green dragon spawn rates?

Prob is most of us work all day and even if we get on for 6 hours a day we will be lucky to see 1 dragon during that time let alone get in a group for one with so many people camping them bring time down to 2 hours
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Re: Should we increase the green dragon spawn rates?

No way I can play 6 hours a day, maybe 2. With theses spawn rates I fully expect I may never see a dragon. With my limited play time the odds of one spawning when I am on are very low, and getting in a group is tough when the rest in the group have all been waiting since long before I was online. I think that's fair, they have been 'camping' longer they deserve the fight. When I heard the spawn rates this became a non event for me.

Besides that I am still camping falgren after 8 months of trying for discs, I can't see squeezing time in for both ;o)


Re: Should we increase the green dragon spawn rates?

Wait little off topic but are any other worlds havin problems with lvl 90 dragon not spawnin rlly?

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Re: Should we increase the green dragon spawn rates?

Sheath wrote:I think it should be increased spawn rates. It's already hard enough trying to get in the group that is fighting the dragon, especially when its spawn rates are so low.

Bad Idea! Then all the groups would keep killing the same dragon over and over again! They'll just not give anyone a chance. If the spawns stay slow they can minus well stop camping and wasting time...

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