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Re: Should we increase the green dragon spawn rates?

Been on for like 5 hrs haven't seen any dragon!

KingRaaa wrote:They definately need to be spes up. Camping for 5ish hours now, (all dragons) and nothing..

I like the idea of the post above this one.


He means precisions! :)
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Re: Should we increase the green dragon spawn rates?

Drizzt wrote:Y increase spawn rate I finish work at 6 and play to about midnight only 1 spawn in this whole time is not on rate needs increased lots

Hey this means that it will spawn more often and is now live - small dragon 3x as often, medium and large dragon 2x as often. There is another post with the details of the minipatch that is now live.

Re: Should we increase the green dragon spawn rates?

Ummmm.... No.

Everyone wants the dragon and the dragon gear. The spawn rate needs to be set in such a way that people are still meaningfully working on that while you create the next bit of content. Too fast and everyone will be done and on you about being bored and needing new content. Too slow and people will decide that it is impossible, and be on you about being bored and creating new content (with better drops and faster spawn times).

So, would you rather have people complaining about spawn rate or boredom?

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