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Immature players becoming more frequent?

Here is what occurred a few days ago in Epona..

A player named "Mullet" out of nowhere whispered me, demanding I sell him my helm (sry no screenshot)
When I bluntly refused him, he resorted to using explicit language. Throughout the conflict, I simply lol'd.

I tried telling him to follow the english language correctly and got this.


I then informed Mullet I would be reporting him.
Follwing this, his friend, namely "Thomasismad" told me if I was to report Mullet, he would be reporting me for this..




Shortly after this, Mullet said a nice goodbye before logging off.


I then moved on with my leveling and took a pic of our dungeoneering crew (Yes, thomas is in the photo)


Cheers to Fighter for keeping me cheerful :P

Re: Immature players becoming more frequent?

They really are and u should put some kind of filter on because there are minors who play this game and they probaly wouldn't want to hear that kind of language

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Re: Immature players becoming more frequent?

Shaggadelic wrote:Zuper, the minors are the main culprits who use the foul language... I used to curse like a sailor when I was 13 because it was 'cool' not that I am 32 and has a bigger vocabulary, I save the cussing for special occasions only.

Besides, profanity is meant to be said - not really as effective when you have to type it out in my opinion...

lol i curse a lot in real life... maybe not so classy, but i'm not royalty. i do, however, keep my profanity way down while i'm in game. it's easy to censor yourself when you have to type it out. and in my experience, the youngsters are the biggest culprits. not to say they wouldn't benefit from a chat filter. maybe one that completely disregarded their comment and made them type it again without profanity. that might teach them.

believe me, i am in constant opposition to all forms of censorship and i'm not bothered by profanity. i do not approve of the personal attacks and disrespect that have become more frequent. they flirt with tsubame's dark side. :evil:

i hate the idea of a filter and i really don't want one. i would like to see a better option.
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