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Re: Double XP Event is now live!

SpiritHealer wrote:Where's the new lux?...

We started the event without the patch because people wanted to start playing with the double xp.

There will be a patch later today which is adding offhand books, swords and shields. Early next week there will be new helms, jewlery and regen items going in.

The later in the week there will be carpets and fairy outfits.


Re: Double XP Event is now live!

Nice!!! looking forward to it! anyway gotta go use another elixer!
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Re: Double XP Event is now live!

Thank you for getting it going. Also looking foward to new items later today. Suggestion - do an in game message countdown before servers go down. One at one hour then at 30 minutes then at 15 then 10 then 5. It will help those that are playing decide what to do
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