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Party hat guide

1.5 hours later...Yay! Orange hat!
When suddenly.......I needed 50 more presents

I'll keep you updated how it goes...hopefully it's worth it.

Red hat: 5 red presents. (Found in castle)
Pink hat: 10 green presents. (Found in lirs, tavern and arena)
Orange hat: 20 green presents.
Yellow hat: 50 green presents.
Green hat: 100 green presents.
Turquoise hat: 150 green presents.
Blue hat: 250 green presents.

Black hat: Rare drop from black hat monsters (Uncompnfirmed, if someone could confirm it post here please :))

Yay! Yellow done! Aww, I need 100 more for green :( Sleep now, get presents in the morning. Night!

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Re: Yellow hat better be worth it :P

admin wrote:Remember you don't need to get these hats they are totally optional - so if you don't like spending your life collecting presents I advise you to stop at the red one lol


Do any of them have bonuses? Xp bonus? Gold bonus? Just say if one has a bonus worth getting or not. If not, I will stop on yellow. Seems real pointless having them harder to get when it's just a different colour and no bonus :/

Feel a little dissapointed.. Especially having them all green.. Shoulda been different colours that you couldn't pick up unless on quest. I'm racing wid level 20's for some presents -___-
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Re: Party hat guide

Thinking it would be fun to stake out the arena and have a free for all on the present collectors. Haha
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Re: Party hat guide

theres a black one on our world
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