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Looking for volunteers

Hey everyone, my clan and i have gathered all the data needed to finish the celtic heroes wiki. The wiki is almost complete however we are in need of volunteers for the last part which is to add all weapons and armor into the wiki. It's boring and tedious work but if we all pitch in it can be done quite quickly. If any of you are interested in helping pm me or post and I'l send you a copy of the list of weapons and armor so that we can finally finish it.

Re: Looking for volunteers

we only need people with a bit time, and who could enter data with a computer.

we also gathered all data, but it take a plenty of time to put it in the wiki, so therefore we wanted some volunteers

everybody who could read and write, and have a bit time could help
-Username: DeathDruid
-Retired Druid
-Druid on the server Danu

-Username: Similius
-Retired Rogue
-First lvl 60 on Server Danu

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