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Re: Please please unblock my acount in the game

You are seriously the most immature player in the server. You swear at everyone when things don't go your way. You repeatedly spam people with friend, group and trade requests. You scammed my friend out of 2k. You deserve to be banned.
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Re: Please please unblock my acount in the game

Nope, I think he has been unlocked for now.
I hope he stays on his best behavior...

Also, I don't think it should require you getting your account locked for you to understand right from wrong.
You should have known there was a risk of retaliation when you actively defrauded someone of their gold.
Acts such as this, should not be tolerated and, as a general rule of thumb, have great recourse imposed upon those who find themselves compelled to commit such acts.

I for one, am against finding any form of sympathy for those who are willing to commit acts of fraud or scamming, of any sort.
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