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Re: Major update

admin wrote:Here are the current plans for the update after this one. Please feedback any thoughts.

More spell scrolls, elixirs and potions.

Add shalemont ravine zone and a new dungeon.

Visible projectiles for things like arrows and fire bolts

Clan message (set by clan leader)

Ranged combat enemies.

Skill/spell using enemies.

Extra quest types/features

Player ranking tables (please suggest what things you would like ranked!!)

Player achievements (please suggest what achivements you would like!)

Extra emotes

This was copied from an admin's post in the beta tester's forum. Its pretty clear that they've got their hands full.

Re: Major update

That sounds awesome! For the player rankings you could do separate world ranking and have the other players rank you. Also for the achievements you could get one for every 10 levels you get. Also there should be some for killing dungeon bosses. Another thing that would be cool for the future are mounts. Like horses and things to ride on. The game is amazing keep the awesome updates coming.

Re: Major update

"other players rank you." That sounds interesting. Might lead to people being more nice and helpful! :D Looking forward to the new zones....and PVP/CVC one day.
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Re: Major update

Two new areas? Wow, I was only expecting shalmont ravine. Like Salrian said, mounts do sound amazing. In all games I've played before, you have to pay real money for the mount, so maybe platinum for them.

Re: Major update

An admin mentioned chariots since it fit the celtic them more then a regular mount. You could get different chariots - and if you really wanted to go into detail perhaps even a way to enscribe your clan name on your chariot. This is still at the suggestion stage - but its more then likely going to happen somewhere down the road. But then you ask yourself - what would be the point in fast travel if you have a mount/chariot? Not everyone just wants one to show off.

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