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Epona inaccessible .-.

Waddup?!? All servers up except Epona... why
World: LUGH
Class: Mage(reytch)-Rogue(OnceBitten)-Druid(TwiceShy)
Level: 221-223-205

World: EPONA
Clan: SizeMatters
Class: Mage(Mahikera/Niebe/ChocolateMastah)-Rogue(Balisong)-Druid(Albularya)-Warrior(Mandarangan)-Ranger(Palaso)
Level: 225/224/170-224-233-226-225

Relax folks...everything RESPAWNS!
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Epona is No accessible or online

ADMINS... idk why but I just woke up and epona servers are down ... idk if it because we have more then 100 pages of items in auction house and the server crashed or did someone by accidentally flip the switch for the server off while they went to sleep regaurdless I'd like to know what's happening or is the server being upgraded to handle more poeple ?

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