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Re: Returning player asking about servers

Dadizbad wrote:Greetings all-
For what it’s worth, I’d like to echo the sentiments expressed by my fellow citizens of Lugh previously.
Although I can’t claim any vast experience with other servers, I have played Lugh off and on for about eight years now.
I find this server to be a nice fit with a good mix of young and old players (both in terms of game experience and physical age) and for the most part everyone is super-nice. Higher-level characters are more than happy to shoot the breeze with you in the castle and treat you like a human being. As the previous post indicated, MOST players are happy to support your early leveling efforts, especially if you’re a decent person and don’t feel entitled. But, good advice and support is always plentiful and free. Higher levels will generally be happy to pop over to assist with a lower-tier boss, workload allowing.
From my perspective, clan competition is healthy and good-natured since “steel sharpens steel”, but multi-clan grouping does occur on occasion as far as I can tell. Generally a low-drama server populated by decent humans. Follow the Golden Rule and you’ll get along fine.
I hope this brief testimonial aids you in your decision-making process. Stay safe.
Very Respectfully-
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Hi Dadz :D A better endorsement could not be found. (Might bookmark for reference :) )

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