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Server Login Issue

Recently alot of my clan members (including myself) have been unable to login to the game after logging out. Just stuck on the loading page for a while, even after refreshing the game ect.

Other servers experiencing the same problem? If so i’d appreciate if this problem could be forwarded to the in-game team to look at and fix please :)
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Re: Server Login Issue

There has been login issues on epona for a while now. Mainly during bloodthorn raids if you disconnect or crash you can’t login (even in other areas) until the boss is dead and some people leave corrupted gardens.
But this may be unrelated. I assume your issues don’t only occur during bloodthorn kills
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Re: Server Login Issue

We’ve been having the same issues stated above on Gwydion too. They’ve been happening at kills where we’ve had a lot of people logged on; happened at Dino, Gele and BT for a couple peeps.
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