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Witch Dead

About 300 players came together to down the witch, the lagging and crashing was pretty horrendous but getting it down in the end was nice.

No idea where the drops went, it died unlocked.

Edit: Drops went to Donn it said no one killed it. All the drops landed on 1 person.

Admin response:
Difinitus wrote:Hello everyone!

Big congratulations to everyone for working together to defeat Bheara of the Hell Coven. The Witch was met with a good deal of feedback, negative and positive, and in that light we are working on adjustments to make the encounter enjoyable for everyone.

In regards to the loot and in fairness of everyone that was present, we have removed the items from MrScar until the team can review our logs. Rest assured, we will reward all participants manually next week but the details are still being discussed by the team. I will update you as soon as I know more.

Thanks for continuing to share your feedback.


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Re: Arena Witch is Down!

So where was the “everyone will be rewarded equally”? All the lixs and time spent killing it for a select few to get the drops....
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Re: Arena Boss Dead!!

Roll Coal wrote:Not all got rewarded for participating, I didn't anyways.

Apparently Difinitus had confirmed that the boss would drop items to a group as per normal, but VR would reward everyone who participated - probably not immediately.

If it's anything like those rewards for the corrupted gardens beta, you may be waiting a year or two :lol:
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