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Re: Relent of Gwyd downs dino

I must congratulate the current leaders of relentless! The current leaders have worked hard to make this happen. Great job!
World - Gwydion
Clan - Relentless
Relentlessly killing Bloodthorn in search of the hidden helmet that is buried deep in the coding of RNG. We would love to see you join us on our quest for the hidden helmet.

Re: Relent of Gwyd downs dino

Corrupt wrote:Grats. Shame this boss is still only dropping 3 items. I can't believe how brain dead VR are.

For a boss that hard to only drop 3 items is a joke tbh, bt drops 5 including a guaranteed imp, and gele is 4? Guaranteed pure, should be atleast 4 with a guaranteed royal or something, I get that’s the whole point of the combining system to start with maj and go up, but there’s not enough drops for the time and difficulty

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