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Re: Requesting transparency regarding 'rare' mob spawns

Eragon123 wrote:
Kaliset wrote:Releasing a brace which is dream for many players does encourage people. Why wouldn't we farm ? Why wouldn't we want to spend hours everyday fig that brace ? They exist according to developers so there's a chance of spawn.

It's completely different than playing lottery. You're so funny.

Oh no I'm not denying that players are encouraged by the fact that it's a part of the game - I was disagreeing with the opinion that VR encourages players to spend an unhealthy amount of time farming. Sure they want people to play the game, and as such release items that players want (drop/spawn rates not withstanding).

If you want to (your own words) spend hours every day farming, feel free. However, that is your choice - you want to do it. No one is forcing you to farm.

You may be correct that it's different from the lottery - I don't waste my time and money on impossible odds like that - it was simply an attempt at a base level comparison about how absolutely tiny your chances are of getting what you want.
Thank you though, it's great to hear that someone still thinks I'm funny - my career as a stand up comedian was off to a great start until I got confined to a wheelchair.

The most valid criticism of Apostate Bracelets are the fact that the boss mob spawn rate is so damn low. No one is saying VR is asking people to farm it. Due to the nature of the game, people will farm it. Moreover the reason why players "have to" farm it is because the only way to obtain it is by continuously killing a placeholder. Implementing an extremely powerful item in such a Redundant way demonstrates a fundamental lack of understanding or care in your own games design.
Your lotttery comparison is not valid. It's much closer to Complaining about Void Moon Helms drop rates. Except Apostate Bracelets are literally the strongest bracelets in the game.

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