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Re: Against the dominance

Angmar Reid wrote:
PrinceLelouch wrote:
Angmar Reid wrote:
Fact is, since endgame players need to gear their alts, they kill meteoric etc bosses, which results in new(er) players getting frustrated because it becomes more difficult to gear their mains. I wouldn’t always blame the game or the toxicity of players. Honestly it’s just the players’ reaction to other players’ actions lol. No matter what you do you really can’t “fix” it. New players just need to adapt, and sometimes it takes time to do that. One of the biggest lessons I learned getting into CH.

Endgame players should help new players...
Endgame players should be a good example...
Endgame players should be a role model...
Youtuber should be a good role model...

When i started playing this game, I dont have alt and only 1 account and 1 toon.
Endgame players can kill meteoric boss anytime, anyday. But new players cannot kill meteoric boss anytime, anyday because they need the help of their clan.
How can new players compete with DOM CLANS if your killing them when they just started playing?
Dont blame the game, I will never blame the G.O.A.T. GAME.

Yeah, maybe the more experienced players should help out the newer players. But, unfortunately, that’s not how life works lol. Not all endgamers help newer players (however that’s NOT putting down the fact that there are some amazing endgamers who love to help newer players). And you’re a solo player aren’t you? Unless I missed a post saying otherwise, you get your drops from AH, and those drops come from endgamers who kill those bosses.
Just making a point and not meaning to go in any insulting direction. (Shrug)

You missed a post.
I remember that theres no Auction House when i started playing. And im not a SOLO PLAYER when i STARTED PLAYING THIS GAME.

Sorry, my reply is out of the topic.
To stay on topic, no one can beat DOM CLANS, thats the reality. If your dream is to defeat DOM CLANS, wake up and face the reality, and DONT BLAME THE G.O.A.T GAME.
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Re: Against the dominance

xXzeemXx wrote:If a clan is killing bosses like frozen/metroic etc just to prevent other clans from progressing then thats what I would consider toxic and bad, but ur only option then is to fight back and try to out lock them on it cuz they are doing nothing against the rules /:
But in MOST cases, bosses like hrung mord and even aggy are killed because after 6+ years of release, their loot are still desired by main toons and players that have been playing the game for years. Some people got too tired and quit, while others are “dominating” these bosses.

Its a game design issue, not players fault, especially when they are doing nothing against ToS of the game. They are just playing the game the way the devs intended it to be; a never ending grind.

I agree. Going out of your way to starve other people is so bad, it could happen inadvertently and people could be mindful of this.

I myself rarely farm anything lower than frozen, and spend a lot of time fishing lol

In my clan, the clans will all be different, we do have plenty of meteoric drops for example in a bank. We could hand them out, however we do take things a little seriously at that level by asking people in clan to farm the drops themselves, call for help, pass a probation period - all in the name of ensuring that person understands the mechanics of the game, their toon, the grind of the game (at an early level). Because if they can't get past that phase, let's face it they are unlikely to make it to end game anyway.

The game, the clans, the admin, it's so complicated.

Re: Against the dominance

A quick reminder to please discuss the idea of dominant clans, without naming specific clans. You guys have been doing great so far and it’s an interesting topic. Naming specific clans will cause arguing which will derail the topic into petty fighting.

Thanks! I’m looking forward to see where this conversation goes.

Re: Against the dominance

Woo finally able to comment. So... Im in a dom clan, and Ive seen many tricks our rival clan has attempted to do (no naming and shaming tho). Overall, I think that playing while using dirty methods will not work in the very long term, and if u want to be dom u want to be stable. Once u become dom and stop relying on dirty tactics u will see how big the struggle is to start being a legitimate dom clan with all the struggles in it.

Ive seen many complaints about "dom clans attitude", but the non dom clans arent very different, and its often times non dom clans who attempt tricks that shouldnt be done. In my home server, a non dom clan duped items in order to attempt competing, which got found out by VR very fast.... so.... Id say try to play fair and offer the players something u think the dom clan cant, if they get their hands dirty u can too (all under ToS tho), but perhaps staying clean will be that thing the dom clan cant offer. Ofc, the best way to win is brains :)
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