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Re: The call for help

Arrolistia, a mighty and feared ranger of Clan Concordiia on Donn is willing to join you for the fearsome challenge ahead.
Level 226 Rogue Sneakalistia, Proud General of Concordiia, Donn
Level 228 Ranger Arrolistia Doch Gul ranger
Level 222 Druid Healalistia
Level 222 Warrior Killalistia
Level 207 Mage Arcanalistia


Re: The call for help

Chaotic wrote:Please allow me to assemble this item so I can bring back 2011 lirs back :p

The man.. The myth...The Legend!
From the legendary server
The Best clan in Tavern

I am a plat buyer, if you need something mail me in game

Valar Morghulis

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