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Re: Looking for a server when i can play

Majeta wrote:
Drac wrote:It depends on what you find fun i guess, whether you mean fun socially or in terms of bossing etc. When it comes to bosses I think all but 2 servers have now killed every boss in the game. On Herne we have competition (which personally I think is more fun and helps to keep people active) up until Gele and BT which we kill uncontested, along with plenty of people who can give you advice on whatever class you want. Having said that, I’m sure most servers will have people who can help you with builds, gear, mechanics etc its just a matter of seeking out the right people.

Ros has a great group of people (Forever are still 1st ranked clan in the game afaik) and I’m sure Xanadu can talk you through what life there is like :)

fun is important but i like competetion a lot

If you’re looking for comp, come check mabon out. Both the clans can kill bt. And, all the other servers are cool and all, but only one has Tim 8-)
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Zkills wrote:I’m banned from bosses I never went to in the first place.

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