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So I have been leveling mastery lately to cook exq fruit cakes, but... I tried cooking fruit cakes at 400 mastery, 600, 800 and now at like 1100 but I see no noticeable difference.

What level does my mastery need to be to cook a decent amount of exq fruit cakes per lix? Maxed? Someone told me mastery needs to be *10 the max level of the food you want to cook; anyone have experience with this?

Hope anyone can help get me some answers!


Re: Mastery

I noticed drastic differences near 1600+

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Re: Mastery

Thanks guys! How about leveling mastery itself... did u use gruel all the way or experienced with like flat bread or whatever? Been using gruel only now and it goes okay, not sure if like flat bread increases mastery faster; any of u experienced with that?

Re: Mastery

I’m currently 1300, I was hoping that would be high enough but I’m not getting good results at all. Would say I will see a big difference at 1600? I was ready to give up.
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