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Developer Update: Submission to Apple!

After several months of intense development and internal testing followed by several weeks of rigorous external testing by you, our dedicated players, we’re ready to submit the release candidate of iOS Celtic Heroes Destiny Engine to Apple. There’ll be a few tense days while we wait for final approval and barring any issues we will be ready for launch next week. As soon as we have approval from Apple we will announce a firm release date. On launch day it’ll be all systems go while we take the servers down for a few hours to transition all the current live iOS accounts over to the new infrastructure, checking that they’ve remained intact and then flicking the switch for you guys to download.

It’s been a challenging project to say the least with plenty of ups and downs and some pretty late nights but it’s been worth it to see the incredible advances made by our art, code and design teams as well as the phenomenal feedback from our beta testers. The players in both the Closed and Open Betas have been invaluable to us not only in finding bugs and providing detail info on reproducing them but also in improving the overall playing experience. There are some subtle differences between the current live iOS version and the new Destiny Engine and with the feedback provided we are aiming to make the transition as painless and hitch-free as possible. Of course we’ll still be continuing to listen to your feedback once we’ve released the final version.


Although we’re at the end of this project the Destiny engine represents the beginning of an exciting new era for Celtic Heroes. By switching over to Unity we’ve opened the door to a much more flexible platform from which to build new content and features for you the players and you should start to see the fruition of this early next year when we release the Tower of Gelebron and throughout the rest of the year as we move on to our fantastic new Mounts and Crafting systems to name but two. The new engine should also allow us to do the things we already do in a much more efficient and flexible way and provide a lot more variety in questing and building your character in terms of skills and defining each class.

Just a reminder that the seasons are changing and there’s definitely a chill in the air as Yule approaches. The Samhain event is coming to an end at the start of next week so if there are still quests you want to complete, loot you want to grab or Mystery Chests you want to buy then remember; they won’t be around for much longer.

This weekend also sees the return of our highly-popular Black Friday Double Platinum Sale. We are kicking this off Friday of this week and running across the weekend until Monday giving you plenty of opportunities to grab a bargain and stock up for all those essentials when questing, raiding and generally having fun in Dal Riata.

Keep an eye on the website, Facebook page and Twitter for all the latest announcements over the next few days. We’re going to be very busy! Once the dust has settled though and you’re all playing the glorious Destiny Engine Celtic Heroes we’re going to take a rare few hours off and as a team go for a spot of lunch and a drinks to celebrate the release and the upcoming holiday season. I’ll see if I can get a few photos of the team disgracing themselves (Exec note – Shouldn’t that be ‘enjoying themselves’?)

Keep an ear to the wind, heroes and listen for the signs.
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