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Samhain 2014 - The Web of Urchaid

Samhain is quickly approaching and a new chaos unfolds......

Deep from the chasm, evil rose…

As the warlocks withdrew to their citadel, lodged deep within the mountains, the great spider Urchaid crept over the trapped souls in Donn’s lair and approached the dark god.

She saw an opportunity to appease her master and take advantage of the warlock’s failure. Now she had the chance to feast on the flesh of mankind anew, as so few ventured deep into her domain and hardy adventurers were often tough and sinewy, not soft and tasty like the ones on the surface - the ones she and her brood had been fed when the Morrigan’s forces ruled the land and the great Fortress of Dunskeig struck fear into anyone who saw its walls, stained black by dried blood.

Urchaid was not foolish though, she had plotted and planned to serve her master, watching how others had failed, and now she saw opportunities for her brood to lay their eggs in Lirs’ Reach, turning the sickeningly righteous humans into her brood slaves.

Oh yes… slaves!

The Fianna were restless…

Phelan stared into the gloom of Carrowmore, straining to see further than his aged eyes could possibly manage. The life of the Fianna and their constant battle against evil had taken their toll on him and whilst he knew they fought for the gods, he found old injuries would ache, reminding him he was not so young anymore.

His young charge Ryanne approached with a rich restorative brew which brought the light back to his lips. He looked deep into her eyes and saw the very spirit of nature there, she had been blessed by Druantia, goddess of Druids, and somewhere deep in his soul he knew she would become the High Priestess of the Fianna. Phelan hoped that day was distant. Her face had yet to gather the furrows and marks of age that the responsibility of command would bring.

An unexpected, unwelcome sound made his head snap round; the sound of spiders. An army moving with determination, spinning their webs across the chasm to Fingal’s Cave and the lands of mankind beyond. At their head the unmistakable figure of Urchaid, the overlord.

Phelan looked at Ryanne, her young face ridged with concern, and they stirred Siofra from her slumber.

The people of Dal Riata would need help and the Fianna were well versed in spiders’ cunning, trickery and venom.

[Update is expected to arrive this week!]
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