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Re: Main clans on the server?

I'm starting one up for Warden (60-80), meteoric (85-105), frozen (110-135), and dl (150-190) levels. We'll be running it through discord. If you're interested send me a dm... don't plan on doing any edl unless it gets more popular than I think but we should be able to easily take the majority of dl. Reason I made it is to have a good frozen/dl clan without the drama of others

Re: Main clans on the server?

Leaders seem to take good drops because they like super uber active in wolfgang. Aka they get a lot of dkp. O.o. They leaders because of the time they invested in the clan (unless you super active but super immature). Thats a common theme you will notice with whos a leader and whos not. Not winning drops, you only have yourself to blame. O.o o.O

As for me, I can still get good gear without being incredibly active. I wouldn’t say my gear is horrible. O.o.

Myrm have killed some bosses they never dreamed of killing before....like mord.....and prot if you like 1 hour kills....mostly as a result of the former 2nd clan dying out with some joining myrm. The only reason they killed mord+ is because of the other clan dying...no more clans are out there that have players in it who are worth having....so pretty much you can expect this to be as high as they’re going to get...theyve been around for years and now they actually kill mord....I wouldnt bet much on them from doing anything more than that.

Every clan has their bad members....thats also what happens with big clans, the more people you have the more chances of bad players you will have. (the people from the other clan who might say they dont habe rude people are the rude people for the most oart, at least from what I’ve seen how they act....) You can’t have a STRICT filter on a clan if you want end game. As for me, I haven’t noticed any continious drama...there will be quarrels there always is but nothing continious.

Yeah...if you act bad in the clan don’t expext anyone to treat you nice back. Thats sort of a given.
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