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Selling lots of stuff.

Trail falchion ring(lvl 190)
Viligance perceptor ring(lvl 190)
Golden blade of Ice
Lvl 50 lux dmg helm
Old hero ammy
Mastered hero boots and gloves
green yulebringer’s hat,
green wolf mask,
green snowbringers hat,
green/yellow/pink blazing pheonix hat,
pink ardmair set(no hat, all sunbound but not top), purple wolf mask,
turq frostguard set(no gloves, snowbound hat),
turq wyld set(no gloves),
orange wyld set,
red ardmair woad
, purple ard set(no bp, no hat)
, shimmering blonde/brown ostara wig
, godly banshee blade,
royal reaper,
scroll of rooting
blue tower guard charm
black enchanted armour charm
, purple Barding
ensorcelled green skull mask,
sparkling white beltane Wig
flaming orange glenmor wig
spidersilk pieces

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