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Mabon starter clan!

Hey guys, since I was kicked from Wolfgang because I wasn't leveling enough (yet I supplied Wolfgang with many members since my older clan reborn was asked to merge into wg :evil: ) I am creating another "Reborn" clan. I have a lot of experience with starter clans and they always become 3rd or 4th best clan of the server. If anyone with other servers wants to start fresh or just have some fun, be looking for me, Fingerlickin. I haven't decided on the name yet, but the main goal of the clan is to help lower levels get geared and help them with bosses that get killed by higher levels, such as stonevale bosses, shalempunt, other world, etc. My last clan got up to DL bosses so it's not one of those random invite clans, it will have structure, respect, communication, and most of all fun. Growing as a person, a clan, and a player. Thanks :D (mail fingerlickin on Mabon if you are interested!)

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