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Whats good Mabon

I quit this lame game awhile ago and don't intend on coming back so don't start begging me haha. Kind of just wanted to see if it still sucks as much as it did when I left and if there are any players that I was cool with that still play. I don't mean the random noobs that would talk to me i mean people from the clans I was in. For many of you that don't remember me or don't know who I am period, Bluntm4n was my main. I played since one of the earliest updates but I don't remember names of unfathomable in the game so I couldn't tell you which one. Anyways I know there are probably a lot of you that didn't like me still playing so don't start unfathomable with me I'm just stopping by to hi. I know I wasn't the most popular player but I always liked by my clans and that's all that mattered to me.

Re: Whats good Mabon

The original Bluntm4n. I quit maybe a year ago can't remember exactly. Game just kind of popped in my head the other day so decided to drop a line. Guess that happens when you spend so much time playing. Met a lot of cool people too but I guess none of them are playing anymore or in forums. Oh well.

Re: Whats good Mabon

Pixie's still playing, but don't think anyone else from the old days still log. There are so many Alts now it hard to tell and I was never much for talking so don't know who people are. And OTMs update cause the servers to crash every other day so no one can log. Guess all the smart people found better ways to waste their time.

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