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Looking For

Hey guys Tempy is back! And better(ish) than ever!

I'm looking for a Kron Bloodthorn Charm or I guess "Misc".
I have the necklace and the ring, but I need that charm piece, lvl 90 req to complete my set.
If you've got it hit me up.

And I'm buying and Icelord or Winterking Bow and Hammer. Hit me up with offers.

Also I'm selling:

Riposte - 5k
Shatter - 3k
Long Shot - 5k
White Party Crown (non-sparkling) - 500k
Black Ardmair Mask - 100k
Black Ardmair Boots - 25k

TemplarElite1 - 125 Rogue Mabon
TemplarKnight - 94 Warrior Mabon
IcelordRanger - 95 Ranger Mabon
TemplarBanker - 229 Rogue Mabon
TemplarElite1 - 150 Rogue, [Insanity] Mabon
TemplarKnight - 95 Warrior, [TemplarOrder] Mabon
IcelordRanger - 95 Ranger, [TemplarOrder] Mabon
Nebula Diamond - 80 Rogue, [TemplarOrder] Mabon
TemplarBanker - 32 Rogue, [TemplarOrder] Mabon

"I Like Rogues. Okay."

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