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Ok, so as most people have probs heard, After around 5 years of playing Celtic heroes I will be quitting pretty soon, I may come back for the next dbl play sale but it will just be to buy chests, I may also just pop by every couple of weeks just to check how things are going but apart from that I can't see myself staying and playing Celtic heroes. This is mostly bc of how busy I'm getting irl, the lack of content in game and how long it actually takes them to bring out content along with a few other reasons.

I'd just like to thank every single person that I've had the honour to meet, you have all made this experience amazing for me and I couldn't have picked better people to play along side, just to name a few of you amazing people xD

Targyy - Most will agree with me when I say he's a nub and that I could one hit him anydayy :P but jokes aside he's been an amazing friend and one of the greatest players I've had the chance to play with.
Ivan, hov, aze, Emma and many more of the leaders in wg - I just want to thank you all for letting me join wg and helping/watching you all grow into an amazing clan and actually manage to beat elite, which not many saw coming
fuz, noir, pure - The nubs that I'll never forget xD I've know you all for so long and each of you made this game 10x better than it could have ever been, I don't even want to think of how boring it would have been without you all lol.

Just to name a few more people:
Smeagle (you know who you are xD), Masm, Jonsin, Dragonz, Amark, Becky, Sea, Tiz, Sora, Holmes, Polde, Faux, Vylen, Kitz, Soul, Term, Black, Ment, Mags, Run, Dead, Riki, Ruler, Kart, Pix, Venom, Val, IK, Accord, Dex, Everyone in wg and insan, I would name everyone in Mabon if I could but yeah xD

Just before I end this post I want to say that I will never forget any of you andd that I love all of youuu xD you have all been amazing and have made this game wayy more fun than I could have ever hoped, I wish you all the best in both life and in game for those still playing. I also wish the best of luck to Wolfgang, Insanity and Myrm and hope that you all keep the comp alive in the game. P.s I don't wanna see any hating on eachother in this thread or I'll personally beat you -.- :) Tc all xD

Also before I forget, I will be doing a giveaway before I leave which will hopefully be within the next 7days, I will keep you all upto date both in game and on here with the time and day that I decide. The giveaway will consist of around 10 or so mini games, atm I'm not sure what those mini games will be and maybe some of you guys could give me some ideas, but yeah each mini game will have a prize of around 100-200k. My main aim is to give everyone an equal opportunity including the lower lvls so that they also can progress in the game with the money they win but yeah everyone is invited. Hopefully this will also bring a lil fun back to maybe with the lack of content recently. Also there is a lot more that I could have added to this but I wanted to keep it short ish :P
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Re: Well..

Meck wrote:lmao, dw pix your up there too xD

Hehe I see it now. Just used to all the new people calling me white. hehe the old schoolers call me pix hehe.
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Re: Well..

Because of a few things that have happened recently I'll be postponing the giveaway for now and will be quitting within the next day or so instead, if I do come back for the next dbl plat sale that will be the day that I will do the giveaway, but until then Tc everyone
Rogue - Mecki Level 226
Rogue - Creativity Level 210
Warrior - Private Level 215
Ranger - Level 180+
Worlds - Mabon, Epona and rhiannon

Re: Well..

Well Mecki even tho I wasn't mentioned in your list... haha I always looked up to you as a rogue on radio and will miss you. Known you for a long time from the young days of CH they will miss a great payer... I mean player*... well maybe not with all those chests your addicted to XD. So long buddy!

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