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Re: Best clan on mabon? (Im new here)

Where have I said that I'm better than anyone? Lol. Maybe I read too much into the your comment. For that I apologize. But lets be real here, Elite got and still gets a lot of undeserved hate even though they are a dead clan. Am I saying they never did anything wrong? No.. Both Elite and WG have done things that people didn't like. I was with Elite from the beginning and I had a bunch of friends in there. I'm tired of everyone saying bad things about them when they weren't even around during that era or have bought into the lies that were spread to discredit them. Again I apologize for reading too much into your comment.

To OP.
As Bowz said, currently WG is the top clan. Insanity and Myrm are working their way up. If you're looking to join a endgame clan, any of these would work. I'd like to warn you that currently endgame sucks. Good items are extremely rare so don't expect to be geared immediately. I've been using the same gear for a few years now, so don't expect to get the best loot as soon as you get in a clan.
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Re: Best clan on mabon? (Im new here)

At the moment my personal aspect I acknowledge WG as the clan to beat in Mabon. Have a lot of respect for some people in that clan but nothing is set forever. As a former member of perhaps the greatest clan Mabon ever had in Elite, that was in all aspects the most dominant but things happened. All I'm saying is that Insanity has a chance to claim the top spot so let the competition keep going and enjoy the game. :)
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