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Bring Gold, Selling Green

Stargem lux (Str Amu, Dex Brace, Dmg Ring)
150 dag
100 dag
Fire Trident
Hero amu
Gold growth/shrink

Green Sparkle Lanrik set (plain legs, sparkle legs don't exist on mabon)
Green Stardust set
Green Enscrolled set
Green Sunbound set
Green Snowbound set
Green Spooky top/legs
Green Smuggler set
Green Pirate set
Green Sunlit Set
Green Suit Set

Green Boggan Chief
Green Radiant Tree
Green Necro
Green Spectral
Green Spirit
Green Ravenous Spirit

Sreng Charm
Royal Captain Charm

Shoot me offers, don't ask how much or I'll tell you a rediculous price

Post, Pm, Mail, or find me in game

Ofc its Marijuana

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