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New to Mabon - Have some questions

So me and 5 other people decided to get back into CH after a long break and wanted to start fresh on a server. We chose Mabon and we look to get pretty far in the game. I’ve experienced most of what CH has to offer; camping, farming, endgame bossing, leveling alts and what not. When I came to Mabon, I saw that lots of people were selling things for way higher price than they were a year ago (like tomes, lixes, backpacks, idols, etc). So I had a few questions: What are normal prices for necessities (lixes, idols, backpacks, etc), what are the top clans, how active is the server, how are boss drops handled, what is used to communicate outside of CH? Thanks for any information and I hope to see you around!

Re: New to Mabon - Have some questions

Welcome to Mabon and back to CH!
So this server can be quite an expensive at times. Here is all I can tell you for now:

Pet tokens: 40k (some people will try to sell them for more 50-60k)
Mount tokens: generally go for 80k (once again, some people will try to sell the for 100k)

offhand weapons from lux shops: being a merchant in the server for a couple of months now, I usually sell unwanted lux weapons/jewels/armor 25k - 50k less from the shops. If i sold them for less, I would never be able to make some gold on that server.

80/10 mounts (none aeon): they should go for 500k max (people will try to sell them for 600k - 700k)
85/20 mounts (none aeon) : they should go for 600k max (people will try to sell them for 700k - 800k)
90/30 mounts (none aeon) : They should go for 800k max (people will try to sell them for 900k - 1m)
95/40 mounts (none aeon) : they should go for 900k max (people will try to sell them 1m - 1.3m and more)
100/50 mounts (none aeon): The prices will vary for them because Mabon doesn't have a lot of those for now. I have seen the prices go up to 2.5m and climbing.
So all aeon mounts should be lower than the price already written or else its just not worth it in my opinion.

For fashion, pieces should go from 10k to 10m depending if the colour, the rarety of the item, the fact if its aeon or not and if it has an effect to it.
- Yes I have seen some white fash go for 10m, but normally, it goes for less than 100k.

Fashion tokens normally go for 10k and particles can vary up to 25k. The colour factor will be a variant of the price.

Book of rebirth : 10k (if you pay more, you are overpaying and should find another seller)
Book of Alteration : 20k (if you pay more, you are overpaying and should find another seller)

Skill books: All skill books will have a different price attributed to them depending on the class and the rareness of it. for exemples, Shadow Strike manuel can go up to 150k but Bless can go for 10k.

I hope this helps you and if you have any other questions, you can try to find my toons at the castle. they normally chill there.
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