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Re: How to Celtic Hero like a man.

Posted: Fri Mar 08, 2013 5:08 pm
by Heltroz
+1 bandy

Re: How to Celtic Hero like a man.

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 6:56 am
by Arwen
Will u be my best friend?

Re: How to Celtic Hero like a man.

Posted: Mon Mar 18, 2013 12:28 pm
by Natures Touch
I will not move to different worlds right after I get my clan to gear me with end-game armor.
Tirdybird did this lol

Re: How to Celtic Hero like a man.

Posted: Mon Mar 18, 2013 12:39 pm
by Fletch
This should be like a pledge of alliance to Celtic heroes

Re: How to Celtic Hero like a man.

Posted: Wed Apr 03, 2013 8:17 pm
by H3ROBigG
Nice list, when u gunna start following it?

Re: How to Celtic Hero like a man.

Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2013 5:51 pm
by TheMightyChace
H3ROBigG wrote:Nice list, when u gunna start following it?

thats right bro, ret talking about rules but then they always break their own rules, thats why we cant make peace

Re: How to Celtic Hero like a man.

Posted: Tue Apr 09, 2013 6:18 pm
by TheMightyChace
The Aggronator wrote:I will not KS, unless previously challenged or provoked.

I will not try to turn a non-DPS class into DPS.

I will not beg my clan to gear me with armor.

I will not sell pages for over 500 gold.

I will take the time to say "No".

I will warn people that if they spam group invites, I will block them before I actually do.

I will not ask someone to group me if I know they can solo a boss.

I will not ask someone to group me when the mob's HP is under 40%. Instead, I will help outside of the group.

I will not leave a leveling group if one of my mates is on an elixer.

I will help feeble druids kill stuff for daily quests, such as Ragnor.

I will not challenge someone to a duel if I know I can beat them.

I will always make sure to clear my group before accepting a group invite, unless I know that the people in my group are coming, or they are already here.

I will not group before I get to the boss's area just to make sure I get a spot in the main group, when someone is already there.

I will not buy or sell accounts.

I will not have conversations over shout.

I will not spam my clan's LINE chat.

I will not start arguments on CH forums.

I will help on boss hunts.

I will tell my clan whenever I see Voidreaper, Fireflight, Vedranox, Skydancer, and Frostharrow up because I know how much of a pain in the ass that quest is.

I will not group random noobs for bosses I know I can solo.

I will not scam.

I will help clan members kill a boss even when there's no room for me in the group.

I will not use the skill "Bandage Wounds" on a druid.

I will not use any skill that heals me when I have a druid in my group, unless that druid is incompetent, or AFK.

I will make good use of the words "Thank you" and "Please".

I will leave a group if I know they are killing something and I don't plan on going.

I will know that I drink elixirs at my own risk.

I will minimize talking when I'm camping a boss with an enemy clan.

I will group someone for a boss if they need it for a quest, unless I don't like them.

I will not sell any luxury items that I still use.

I will not trade someone who is getting something our of their bank or selling something to a shop.

I will give small tips to the nice person that does transfers for me.

I will only use Rebirth books at the maximum of twice a week, because those books aren't cheap.

I will not use my clan chat as a marketplace.

I will not use fire spells when I fight a Lavalord.

I will memorize all the names of bosses and where they are located.

I will use the KITE method when there are no druids available.

I will not use an idol when I don't have to, but I will use it when I do.

I will be aware when I am being a leech in a group.

I will save a shield bash for a boss's special skill such as Cloak of the Remnant, Magic Barrier, Seismic Wave, or Cloak of Thorns.

I will know that a Golden Blade will do much more damage than a Golden Trident,

I will give up my spot to someone with better DPS on FFA fights, if the group is full.

I will give upgrade drops to someone in my clan who might need it.

I will not move to different worlds right after I get my clan to gear me with end-game armor.

I will camp Regulus's bosses even though I already have full frozen.

I will do ten sit-ups if I giggle like a little girl after winning a KS-fight.

I will not argue for loot because I know there will always be more to come.

I will not expect my clan to spoon-feed me crests just because I'm in it.

I will not stop leveling once I reach my clan's level requirement and then camp Falgren for Dragon disc fragments so it seems like I'm doing something.

I will not level only when a cut-off is applied.

I will not sell something out of my clan if it's against their wishes.

I will not tell people that I'm trying to get gold by finding bosses because I know that leveling = gold.

I will not sell rare diamonds out of clan, but instead offer or sell it to clan mates who might need it.

I will not use the death bridge as an excuse for not camping The Chained King.

I will always carry a minimum of thirty idols on me to make sure I never run out on a boss fight.

I will know that my clan doesn't like it when I lay there dead for a boss fight, unable to resurrect because I didn't have enough idols on me, for more than five percent of the boss fight.

I will know that my clan doesn't like it when I buy idols in the middle of a boss fight.

I will not be a cheap ass and not buy idols.

I will not AFK fights with dragons, which can take over ten minutes, and try to sneak in the participation record. Instead, I will take the initiative and tell the recorder to discount me as needed.

I will not kill low levels who are trying to do their quest in the arena.

I will know that my damage is reduced when I am lower leveled than the mob I am attacking.

I will not send friend requests to strangers.

I will not expect a big clan to group me just because I found the boss first.

I will not take every little conflict personally.

I will know that I can not get free gold and platinum if I jailbreak my iDevice.

I will not use the Heroic Gloves of Haste when I am on a haste or combination elixir.

I will not tell experienced players how to play the game.

When I'm camping with someone whose a rude fooker, I will ignore them instead of trying to start a fight, which I know I can win.

When someone gives me a favor, I will always return it.

When someone KSes my mob, I will wait until they do it three more times or find out if they did it purposely, before I report them to higher powers.

When I see EXP mobs in the Otherworld, I will quickly find a low level who can get lots of experience from it, usually a clan mate or good friend.

When I see one of my fellow druids having trouble with a mob, I will do what I can to help him.

If my clan does not have the crests to gear me with frozen, I will camp the OW boss that drops it.

wow bandos u bored or wut?...
i didnt have enough time to read that haha