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Re: History of lugh and the clans

RogerRanger is right, the history seem to have been written by guesswork.

Ancients was formed by Toycat for endgame players, and as a natural extention of his original clan, Phoenix. This was in the days before Otherworld was launched.
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Re: History of lugh and the clans

Pfft toycat never ruled the server bahaha. BERSERKERS were more powerful than ancients and in the time that zerks lost their power, syndicate took over. Ancients were always a large collection of players but never had the man-power to "rule" the server. Only a few people remember the history or the server correctly and very few care to post it, hence half the "history" of lugh is false.

Before alliance and indep battling for power, it was ancients and zerks no real difference imo, the only real difference is alliance have no intention of going back to the old system.

There were inbetween clans such as syndicate but theyre ultimately void in the major events of Lugh.
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