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Taking offers

Selling/xfering: (Lugh to Morrigan)
- 15% hp kite
- wyld sun ammy and brace
- lvl 200 valour rings, 200 heat dmg offhand axe
- reaper ring (maybe)
And lots of other stuff, just let me know what you are looking for and i can check.
Pm me offers.

I will also just take chests in morrigan, for stuff on lugh

Re: Taking offers

I'll buy the sun brace and possibly reaper bb.
World - Lugh
Neek - Warrior - 220+
Neek2 - Rogue - 220+
Mayfire - Ranger - 215+
ii - Rogue - 190+
Booty - Mage - 205+
WMD - Warrior - 140+

Proud General of clan Axis of Lugh

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