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Re: A Bit About Lugh -Updated-

Description of Independent is not entirely wrong, we just had to stop rolling for drops after bosses, because its an unfair way of distributing items. So we won't group people out of clan any longer, because if we want to progress, we need to start thinking about gearing the most active members in clan. Also, Redbranch still exists I think, or it has been changed to "_Lugh". Syndicate and TheHobnobbers still have a very few members, but you won't see that clantag a lot.

It's sad to see Lugh isn't the same anymore, but atleast we have some fun competition now. ;)
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Re: A Bit About Lugh -Updated-

GhostlyBlaze15 wrote:Haven't seen Neero in ages :( he's one of the only leaders in alliance that I respect. Anyone know what happened to him???

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