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A Bit About Lugh -Updated-

The previous topic regarding Lugh rules and its dynamics is completely outdated. Really a lot has changed in our server so i will explain here how Lugh works now,so new players and whoever is willing to come and play in our wonderful server can have a real picture of our world.

There are still several clans with endgame players in it.
Below you can see a short explanation for each clan:

Alliance: This is the dominant clan, we can kill any endgame boss including Gelebron. We abolished the roll system that Lugh always used and we decided to hand out loot basing our decisions on players activity, contribution to clan, attitude and teamwork skills. We were sick and tired of dicing for drops as its unfairness became too hard to handle. We don't have a set level requirement. We discuss case by case and accept also low level players if we like their attitude and we see potential.

Independent; This clan was re-created with not only the intention to face off against Alliance, but with the main intention of the re-unification of the remnants of Lugh. This was done in hopes of bolstering the communication between those players and to create a more efficient and beneficial system and approach.
They run a system in which all quest drops are banked (although standard rolling occurs when members outside of Independent are present) and they dice for raid drops.The gearing of players is voted upon, in which activity, contribution, and attitude are deciding factors.
Independent can kill all bosses except Proteus and Gelebron. No level requirement to join is needed.

Syndicate: An old Lugh clan, now is very small and with very few active players left. They don't focus on endgame.

Redbranch: A small close-knit clan that is compromised mostly of high level players that work towards helping others of all levels. There is no level req to join, it is discussed on a case-by-case basis based not on your contributions to current members, but the future of the server. Redbranch is focused on endgame bosses and works closely with Independent and all other small clans.

TheHobnobbers: An old clan which focuses on helping lower levels. They usually do bosses along with Independent.

If you want an idea of the economy of this server, here's the list of plat items price.

• Event chests: 15000-20000 gold ( price lowers as events get closer to the end)

• Resurrection idols: 100 gold

• Ancient resurrection idols: 200-300 gold ( but prices vary depending on the seller )

• Restoration potions: 200 gold

• Knowledge elixer/Heroic Knowledge: 4000 gold/5000-6000 gold

• Combination elixers: 8000 gold

• Heroic haste elixers: 2000 gold

• Heroic HP/Energy/Travel/Attack elixers: 1000 gold

• Heroic armour/defence elixers: 500-1000 gold

Thanks for reading and enjoy your journey in Lugh :D
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Re: A Bit About Lugh -Updated-

raylooi2015 wrote:U make it sound like anyone who is not in alliance is a bad guy who should be banned :/. Is there like anything nice u can add in there?

Neero, he (^^) means in your description regarding Alliance about the abolishment of the dicing system and its unfairness....I think
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Re: A Bit About Lugh -Updated-

ILikeRamen wrote:Rolling for dice unfair? Rolling is indeed fair because everybody who spent their time helping with that boss had the chance to get a drop. I love how you also left out the important details of your cruelty and I know you all know what I'm talking about.

This topic was derailed once, please keep it civil 'and' on topic so no more lugh posts are locked or deleted.
Clan "Independent" of Lugh
lvl 156 ranger - yoshi1
lvl 165 mage - yoshixmage
lvl 220 rogue - tobiuslowe
lvl 116 druid - yoshixdruid
lvl 120 warrior - yoshi
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