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Re: My Take on Lugh

Case in point, gratz vold. Now lock your own thread.

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123456 wrote:a druid can out dps a ranger fairly easily in a dps build. Adrith

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Re: My Take on Lugh

squidyfinn wrote:Your a joke Vulture, your all about yourself. Always bash people who don't agree with you with some sarcastic comment. Your probably one of the most self opiniated little $@#% out there. Alliance has ruined the game overall with my way or the highway rules. They broke a system that was fair for all. What will happen, people will quit or move to another server and Lugh will become a wasteland that has even less people wanting to play. Goodluck luck OTM maintaining your revenue as the game is unbalanced and skewered to the greedy.


Vulture, I'm going to assume you're over 18, which means legally you're an adult. Assuming that, I'd like to ask why your behavior is always so childish. I've known you for over four years now and not once have you ever said anything nice to me, or anyone who you weren't scared of making enemies with. You go ahead and enjoy the game the way you want to, because I guarantee that it won't last forever, and when it's over there won't be a game left for you to enjoy. Rather, there'll be a game in which vulture is hated on and rejected regardless of his former power and status.
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Re: My Take on Lugh

Vulture you act so dominant and expect everyone to listen to you, point proven above. That's why you're the biggest douche in the game.

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Re: My Take on Lugh

Enough bashing Vulture. He won't change just because we say he is a jerk.

Let's get back on topic, which in the event you forgot Is what to do about this upcoming war. It'd be very nice to quell the hatred now, while we still can.

We need server rules that are followed by all the chieftains of lugh.
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Re: My Take on Lugh

Vulture wrote:Case in point, gratz vold. Now lock your own thread.

Funny thing about saying about outside our world's opinions is that you werent even active when dominance was announced, you logged in for about 3 bosses a week. You knew only what alliance posted and made assumptions off it, you need to realise you are being too much of a hypocrite for your own good...

Ive played this server just as long as you have, ive played through berserkers dominance streak, and watched berserkers crumble, ive watched clans grow and fall, and all those that pose dominance have falled despite their size. You yourself must realise that your facade will not last. Our world consist of too many good hearted players to accept a dominant way of life.

Mind you i do enjoy the current state of things lock fights give a rush i havent felt in a long time within this game.

Woodcrown, Aggy, hrung, mordy, and necro were my favourite fights that gave a similar feeling as these lock battles give. It provides a new element to our game, but i do not expect this to last long.

As youve seen vult, i myself help pave the rules of Lugh, when people asked about rules, who did they ask? Me, who suggested enforcing rules before banning players? Afking, bannable offences, etc. from what ive seen in your clan, they didnt oppose these rules but the notion of losing a drop to a player who wasnt as good as you? A player simply trying to develop themselves to become equal to you, but you simply refuse them the opportunity.

I wish you and your clan would reevaluate your choice and decide what is best for the server? What will keep players playing? Inclusiveness or controlling every player's moves, from the equipment they can use, the drops they win, the bosses they attack even the people they help... This is not how people want to play a game :/

I bid you goodluck to your activeness vult we all know you never lasted long when theres no reason to log.
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Re: My Take on Lugh

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