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My deepest apologies to those of Lugh

I would like to first apologize for the actions at Mordy's last night. What happened was completely out of line and should've NEVER happened and hopefully will NEVER happen again. I understand that with the stress everyone has been under on the server of Lugh with members being excluded from dicing or running with drops it sometimes causes people to do desperate things. Again I can't stress enough that this isn't the right way to handle things. Lies will only get you caught in a web of uglyness that never ends in a positive manor for you or anyone around you. Unfortunately this did take place last night and we are working on fixing this issue. This has brought much pain to those in our clan and we have lost many good people because of it. I ask that we all try to forgive those involved for what happened as this was done out of desperation with what's all been going on with Lugh which has lately become a grey area lately. I believe these people are good people but just made a bad decision. If it were under normal circumstances under the old Lugh this would've never happened. Right after both Sabre and I found out what had happened we immediately put a stop to it and tried to correct this issue by contacting those involved to come back for dicing on the item. I've seen posts and screenshots of conversations floating around from many clans who want to lash out and use this to fuel the already ugly situation on the server. I ask that you all stop the madness this is only causing more pain and suffering to really good people. I'm not asking anyone to forget what happened as we all should remember to avoid things like this in the future. I'm sure there will be those who choose to use this in destructive ways to further fuel the already heated server issues. But I'm hoping the majority can accept my apology that comes from my heart to everyone on Lugh and know that we all can make a positive impact on our server to keep it as the great server it's always been when I started over 3 years ago. I understand that some rules need to be modified because some rules are outdated with all the new changes to the game. Let the leaders of the top clans come together to put their differences aside and help make this server a better place for everyone. Let's make this a server where all players old and new can come to play without all the crazy drama.



P.S. I don't like to post things on forums and hopefully my last...Peace Out my extended family!!
P.S.S. Sorry for all the grammar and typos but deal with it! LOL JKJK
P.S.S.S. I had to use Sabre's account because CH forums password reset is being stupid. Okay that is all..... :ugeek:

Re: My deepest apologies to those of Lugh

Ty for trying to correct this problem and for the apology to the server you both are great people. But pushing the blame onto another group of people by making it an excuse to do said actions is not in the servers best interest. No one forced anyone to swap drops that was a personal choice and there is no excuse for it. Yes laugh is in upheaval right now and changes good or bad will come about after the dust settles.
P.S if you did not intend to shift blame to another group of individuals for a few other individuals actions I apologize. This is just the way it came off to me.

Re: My deepest apologies to those of Lugh

from my understanding of the situation, there were two people involved and no one else really caught on to what they were doing until too late. As i understand it, both are no longer in virus, and the alts i knew of in Ancients have been kicked also.

finally, as i understand it, the drop in question is in sabre's hands, and she is simply waiting to get everyones roll before trading it.

personally, from what i understand, this action merits further response - i would suggest dicing ban through the end of summer event (i.e. until halloween event starts). I think that would send the correct message and allow these people back in the fold.
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Re: My deepest apologies to those of Lugh

I told all Druids to give me some time to get all the rolls in. It will take time as I am not on at all the times everyone else pops on. Everyone needs to just chill so that I can accomplish that. Stop harassing people to get the drop. I have it and I will give it as soon as I get all to dice. In the interest of time....I did have Ciccio roll for silent. I actually asked Jay if he could help me but he was too busy to come. Ciccio rolled 100 but at that time I knew many would question this. So I have reconsidered and decided I would wait for silent to do his own roll. Say what you want, but I have done nothing but try to rectify this situation. Quit chatting up my clannies about where the ring is and why I haven't given it yet. I have it! I am handling the situation!

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