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Re: Tzunami

Tzunami Lugh wrote:Ikr. Lol. Btw i think ill go full dps not pvp anymore eheh

What do you call a dead dog? You in arena bro! <3

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Re: Tzunami

Do I even need to explain?
1) inappropriate behaviour towards people on game and on we-chat
2) scamming
3) ksing arena dailys
4) possibly buying and selling dl
Must I go in detail? I think this is well said for my -1 opinion.
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Re: Tzunami


Making a forum post saying you changed does not mean you have changed. Dany was unbanned because someone other than Dany made a post because they noticed he had changed. Instead of coming here and proclaiming you have changed why don't you let your actions speak louder than your words.

I suggest keeping him banned until he proves he has changed.
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Re: Tzunami

-1 not interested in the slightest

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123456 wrote:a druid can out dps a ranger fairly easily in a dps build. Adrith

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Re: Tzunami

-1 although I believe in second chances....I think it needs to be proven in lugh....just because you say you changed doesn't mean we should trust it. You need to regain trust here. If you have really changed....then the suggestion to prove it should be ok with you...just my opinion

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