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Full War EDL

Congratulations to lugh's biggest pig Neero on 1st full war EDL!! And Lugh's 2nd full EDL to first druid set. :mrgreen:
World: Lugh
Nutella 198 Tank
BABYCAKE 213 Ranger

"He offered her the world. She said she had her own". - Monique Duval, The Persistence of Yellow

Re: Full War EDL

Gratz Neero :D
World : Lugh
Clan: Pegasus
Istael : druid lvl 221
Zeto : rogue lvl 223
Istalrì : mage lvl 213

World: Sulis
Clan: Retribution
Guppy: warrior lvl 220
Hotu: ranger lvl 220
Ryujin: mage lvl 220
Istael: druid lvl 220
Xisuthros: warrior lvl 220

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