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Welcome to MildSeven's Shop

Rings And Bracelets

Royal Rings (15k unless stated otherwise)
    Royal luring ring of ice
    Royal luring ring of giants
    Royal ring of strangling vines (Offer)

Grand rings (8k unless stated otherwise)
    Grand ring of bandage wounds
    Grand ring of pummel
    Grand ring of strangling vines (offer)
    Grand ring of fast reflex
    Grand ring of double attack
    Grand luring ring of soldiers
    Grand ring of natures breath (offer)


    Obsidian bow (29 charges)
    Obsidian hammer (29 charges)

Quest Items
    Moon fragments 100g each
    Sun fragments 100g each
    Oak fragments 500g each
    Elm fragments 4k each
    Crown fragments 4k each
    Dragon fragments 8k each

* this section is for people who wanna buy stuff desperately, yes its overpriced. If you dont like the price, you dont have to buy it. Its for desperate people.

    Super combo elixers 10k each
    Super knowledge elixers -currently out of stock-

This list is to be updated with more stuff when i have time to check my accounts, lol.
Mail me , Mildseven If you interested in anything.
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