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Mildseven Buy Sell List

I have a ice level 150 offhand axe, trading it for fire :D

Yellow pants
Blue top and pants
Sigil health prefered

**Selling level 100 offhand axe (ICE)
HP elixer 1k each or swapping for energy elixer (1:1)
Ice/fire attunement, firestorm, shatter, longshot.

Royal longshot

--Glenmor Fashion--
-Star Dust-
Black legging
Purple top,boots, legging

-Non Star Dust-
Black legging
Purple gloves
White boots

Black pirate cap no eye patch
Black pirate gloves
Black pirate pants
White pirate boots
Heroic boots
5 tick energy regen ring
Star dust top hat - turq, pink, orange

400 hp elixer for 350k :D

Buying for friend:
Silverweb +5 firebolt charm
Lure of assasins ring.. Greater and/or higher :D

Mail me ingame and/or PM me on forum.
Thank you all for all your help :)
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