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Items for sale or trade

For all trade offers plz mail me on here or on lugh 6rea6per6 is my in game name and forum account name ill be checking my in game mail and forum mail everyday so lets make a deal my prices and item deals im wanting for my items are negotiable dont try and screw me i know my prices and i get my items price checked not only by ppl on lugh world but crom, Epona, Rhiannon and Gwydion! So if your tryna scam me and get a quick lick think again im not your Average noob playing off and on 3 years now so lets make a deal im always up to see and hear offers hmu hereos!

Im looking for a 140 lvl requirement spiritseed charm ( gives 50 focus and 250 health ) i have gold and ill also trade lix and or items or a mixture of the 3 just give me a price im sure we can make a deal!!!


Arachnus Pendant of Cocoon - 900k gold only

Sunshard Band of The Crystal River - 600k gold only

Grimling's Wood Axe _ strength requirement 125, class requirement warrior-( slashing damage 120, attack speed 7350, two handed) RARE ITEM = 70k or 20 xps

Mystic Frostiron Bow _ level requirement 80, class ranger required-( Piercing damage 50, cold damage 20, attack speed 3142, steady aim skill +3, Proc skill 5% frostiron strike 100 cold damage) RARE EVENT ITEM= 50k or 15 xps

Greater Silverweb Helm of the Hunter_ level requirement 70-(strength +30, dexterity +30, ranged combat 80) RARE EVENT ITEM = 45k or 10 xps or 20 haste lix

Mystic Silverweb Charm of Renewable_ level requirement 50, class druid required-( focus + 24, natures touch +3, nature breath +3) RARE EVENT ITEM= offer

Greater Frostiron Bracelet of Trickery_ level requirement 90, class rogue required-( dexterity +30, expose weakness skill +4, health 90) RARE EVENT ITEM = 40k or 10 xps

Grand Frostiron Bracelet of Guarding_ level requirement 120, class warrior required-( vitality +40, shield bash +5, defense +90) RARE EVENT ITEM= 70k or 15 xps

Mystic Frostiron Ring of the Hearth_ level requirement 90, class mage required-(cloak of fire skill +3, fire magic + 30, resist heat +15, resist cold +15, resist magic +15) RARE EVENT ITEM= 25K or 10 xps

Mystic Frostiron Bracele of Percision_ level requirement 80, class ranger required-(dexterity + 20, steady aim skill +3, health +60) RARE EVENT ITEM= 25K or 10 xps

Mystic Frostiron Ring of the Thorn_ level requirement 80, class rogue required-( riposte skill +3 cunning +30, armor +15) RARE EVENT ITEM = 35k or 15 xps


Sparkling Grave Wight Charm ( not sold in game anymore only get through trade was 60k was shop price when shop up in Dustwither Catacombs destiny engine update pulled that shop from game) = offer will accept lix

Pink Sunlit Set with Pink huntsman's mask = 50k or lix

Yellow ardmair set-( sunbound bracers and comes with yellow huntsman mask and yellow ardmair mask) = 70k or 20 xps

Orange Glen set no crest will replace with a purple spectral mask = 30k or lix

Red Glen set no crest but will replace with a Flaming red witch mask = 45k or lix

Red,Green,Pink smug sets-(all 4 pieces) = 20k or lix

Pink Frostguard set (no head piece will replace with pink huntsman mask, top is snowbound) = 140k or 30 xps

I have other fashion pieces just ask me and Ill show u. These are all my full sets at the moment.

Thank you hereos for taking a look at my post lemme know if yall see anything yall like i will look and listen to all offers so HMU!!!

Rogue - 160 __ 6rea6per6
Mage - 102 __ Koi777
Warrior - 100 __ G7O7D7H7A7N7D
Druid - 90 (secret class 7 ppl know)
Ranger - 70 __ Sin1ster
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