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Perkamentus's baby shop

I'm selling the following items:
- Shatter, Defensive formation and Conceal skill 2k ea
- 2 grand rings of Double Attack 4k ea
- Grand ring of Distract 3k
- Grand ring of Defensive formation 3k
- 2 Greater rings of Riposte 2k ea
- Royal ring of Bless 4k
- 2 Grand rings of Bless 3k ea
- Grand ring of Longshot 4k
- Mystic Frostiron rings of the Glacier 8k
- Yellow Ardmair Boots 6k
- Mystic Frostiron Wand (offer?)
- Obsidian Cane 4k
- Faerie Cane of Blizzards 5k
- Onyx Crusher 4k
- Full Green Sunlit (offer?)
- Arachnus Ring of Evasion 400k
- 2 Shadow Strike manuals 40k ea
- Dragon disk frag 10k
- Red lion crest
- Golden Dagger of Venom 160k
I'm also looking to buy 40 xps
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