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Re: Selling Mordris/Hrung/Aggy/Rift/Event/etc stuff ...

As Curry said... we are a helping world. We have level requirements for bosses. There is no one super clan. We have no need to measure our e-peens here by what drops we have and the fact that one clan kills all the bosses. We help each other out.

In a game where 95% of the content is PvM/PvE oriented and PvP is little to non-existent (at least on our mostly-peaceful world) there is no need to hoard all the boss drops. We are a community instead of a hate-filled world where one clan HAS to be the best.

That's the reason I left Herne and came here. If I wanted a PvP centered game where drops were everything and dominant clans were all the rage, I'd go play a different game.

Now... back to our regularly scheduled selling thread.

Got any druid drops gingy?

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