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Re: DL Double Dice System Final Step

elletopo wrote:I am totally against, if someone has already both mainhand weapon and offand, to get to roll twice!!!
I will only vote after this post can possibly be edited, to get the full weapon dl people, to roll just once. then my vote would be A.
but atm, i refrain from voting.
If a warrior 190+ and he already has a dl weapon and a dl shield, is there a way to clarify in the original post, that he can't roll twice?
maybe that's what you meant, but it wasn't clear and this part could easily be abused.
sorry to repeat twice : )

Sorry elle, I meant that double dicing would not apply to those that already have offhand. I think I said it'd apply to those that need weps or something like that. I dont think anybody would like allowing people who already have offhand to dice twice.

Will update now :D

Re: DL Double Dice System Final Step

Can we please stick to just voting. Stating your opinion as to how you voted is cool as long as you do not intentionally offend anyone. You can make a point really without the pointing of fingers. Perhaps others will see your view a bit clearly when you do this and be swayed to make the same vote as you. We all are intellectuals, afterall. Refrain from mentioning names of people.

At the end of the day, the votes will be counted. It may be yours or mine or someone else's that win. However, the ill feelings you have conjured may last a bit longer.

Notice this, point your finger at someone...how many points right back at yah?
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