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Re: Darkflame greaves/ solstice armour

Dtatch wrote:Anyone know how much darkflame greaves go for in lugh as well as greater solstice helmet and greaves and lesser solstice body. Thanks

As far as I know, there is only one full set of darkflame. I have no idea who owns it, but they most likely won't want to sell it. As for greater solstice, there are two sets that are full and I saw one being sold for 500k the other day.

Re: Darkflame greaves/ solstice armour

I think it's dragonassassin with the only full darkflame set on lugh. Extremely rare. I think your solstice armor is only gonna sell to someone who wants and they'll have their set price. I'm semi interested in the darkflame greaves from a collectors point but I'm not willing to spend an arm and leg for it. Hit me up in game if you wanna discuss prices.
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Re: Darkflame greaves/ solstice armour

Hezbollah has a df set, so does da, and shadowkrar told me he had one.

If anyone has greater solstice gloves I'd like to buy or trade, that's the only piece I need to finish my set!

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