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Hi Im selling :

Ancient Glaive
Ancient Greatsword (10k)
Ancient plate helm (4k)
Ancient plate gauntlets
Ancient Axe (3k)

Lesser bracelet of comet ( 2 cold damage)
Minor bracelet of the meteor (1 heat damage)

Glass ring of smoke bomb
Glass ring of poison weapon

Super combo Elixer (8k)

Green remnant of Earth x1 (2k)

Emerald spirit star (offer)
Ruby spirit star (2k)

Blue yuletide hat (2k)
Pink yuletide hat (1k)
Purple yuletide hat
2011 santa hat

Druid Tomes:
Abundant aura (offer)

I am buying:
Black mask of lugh
Crush,peirce,slash damage bracelet
Any good stats ammulet.
5% broom/carpet
Golden blade of ice/fire/magic
Heroic ammulet
Or any rare stuff. :)

Pm me :)
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Shannon - warrior

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