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Darv's SHOP

Plate Helm____________________x2
Plate Breastplate_______________x2
Plate Greaves_________________x2
Plate Gauntlets________________x1
Plate Boots____________________x2
Hammered Redclaw Breastplate___x2
Hammered Redclaw Greaves______x1
Snowman Head_________________x1
Enforcer's Yellow Mask___________x1
Veteran's Orange Mask___________x1
Veteran's Pink Mask_____________x1
Seer's Green Mask______________x1
Ancient Lamellar Cuirass________x1
Malevolent Mask of Darkness_____x1
Fanged Mask of Darkness________x1
Menacing Mask of Shadow_______x1

Faerie Longblade of Flames_______x1
Faerie Pike of Snow_____________x1
Stave of Tempests______________x1
Stave of Bolts__________________x4
Stave of Storms________________x2
Tower Shield__________________x3
Ancient Short Sword____________x1
Cane of Bats__________________x2

Red Crest of the Hound__________x2
Purple Crest of the Serpent_______x1

Green Remnant of Metal_________x1
Green Remnant of Earth_________x1
Green Remnant of Rock__________x1
Red Remnant of Rock___________x3
Red Remnant of Earth___________x4
Red Remnant of Metal___________x1
Red Remnant of Stars___________x1
Yellow Remnant of Metal_________x1
Blue Remnant of Stars___________x1
Blue Remnant of Space___________x1
Blue Remnant of Metal___________x3
Blue Remnant of Rock___________x3

Water Tablet of Slate___________x2
Earth Tablet of Marble__________x2
Air Tablet of Marble____________x2
Fire Tablet of Slate_____________x1
Earth Tablet of Slate____________x1
Water Tablet of Obsidian________x1
Air Tablet of Granite____________x1
Water Tablet of Basalt__________x2
Fire Tablet of Marble___________x2
Air tablet of Obsidian___________x1

Dragon Fragment_______________x1
Elm Fragment__________________x3
Crown Fragment________________x1
Oak Fragment_________________x3
Moon Fragment________________x4
Sun Fragment_________________x4

Greater Bracelet of Ice__________x1
Greater Bracelet of the Shield____x1
Minor Wyrmtail Bracelet_________x1
Greater Bracelet of Embers______x1
Mystic Bracelet of Cosmos_______x2
Minor Bracelet of Light__________x1
Greater Bracelet of Serpents_____x1
Greater Bracelet of the Meteor____x1
Greater Bracelet of Impact_______x1
Mystic Bracelet of Stone_________x1

Antique Ring of Hammrs________x1
Grand Ring of Energy Well______x1

Other Items:
Red Book Cover_______________x5
Red Book Bindings_____________x4
Greater Necklace of Health______x1
Red Yuletide Helper's Hat_______x6
Black Coven Hat______________x1
Red Party Hat________________x1
Red Mask of Lugh_____________x1
Orange Mask of Lugh__________x1
Pink Mask of Lugh_____________x1
Yuletide Hat_________________x3
Pumpkin Hat_________________x1
Energy Pendant_______________x1
Greater Twinsoul Necklace______x1
Yellow Coven Hat______________x1
Turquoise Yuletide Helper's Hat__x3
Green Yuletide Helper's Hat_____x7
Bright Torc__________________x1
Echoes of Crom_______________x1
Amber Soul Orb_______________x1
Emerald Demon Stone__________x1
Journal of Zalza Page 5_________x1
Bane of the SwampLord________x1
Faerie Diamond______________x1
Blue Yuletide Helper's Hat______x1
Orange Yuletide Helper's Hat___x5
Almanac of Seraffa Page 4_____x1
Codex of Krest Page 4_________x1
Journal of Grok Page 5________x2
Lexicon of Melisant Page 5_____x1
Pink Yuletide Helper's Hat______x1
Bane of All-Seeing One________x1
Rites of Crom_______________x1
White Dress Gloves__________x1
White Dress Shoes___________x1
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